Athens-Clarke County, Georgia…… What’s in Your Water?

So, here we are now visiting the Athens-Clarke County, Georgia….  for my source for information: Click Here 

Your Drinking Water from Source to Tap

The water treatment process


  1. The raw water enters the treatment plant and chemicals are added. The water then flows into a “rapid mix” chamber, where the chemicals cause small particles (such as sand, silt, and clay) to clump together, forming floc.
  2. The water and floc pass through chambers with motorized mixers, called flocculators. The mixing gradually causes the floc to become larger particles, which are heavier than the water. Next, the water flows through settling basins where the floc sinks to the bottom, forming sediment that is then removed from the system and disposed of.
  3. The water passes through tube settlers, weirs, and filters made up of anthracite (a very hard coal) and sand. The filters catch the smallest particles remaining in the water, including any floc that was not removed in the sedimentation basins. Water turbidity tests verify that the water is crystal clear after moving through these filter beds.
  4. The crystal clear water flows through ultra-violet (UV) light reactors to sterilize bacteria and viruses that might not have been removed in the filtration system. The water now travels to an area for post-treatment. Lime is added for the proper pH level, Chlorine for further disinfection and Fluoride to help protect our teeth.
  5. After post-treatment, the water travels into a large storage tank called a clearwell. The water remains in the clearwell to allow for chlorine disinfection and to ensure that harmful microorganisms are not present.
  6. From the clearwell, the finished water is pumped into the distribution system and water storage tanks and delivered to homes, organizations, and businesses.

Does this surprise the residents of Athens-Clarke County??? Hmmm….. makes you think….

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