About Me

 Hello, my name is Debra Morgan. I was born in Long Island and was raised in upstate New York in a Small town called Mileses until I was 13. We then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida. 

I graduated from John I. Leonard High School. Decided not to go to college and just joined the working class. Although I enjoyed the work I was doing, I never felt that I was using my full potential. Like many others, I starting searching for a more fulfilling career or opportunity to become Truly Free! During the years while I was looking for the “That’s it” opportunity, I got married, had my beautiful Daughter Nicole and decided that right now wasn’t the time to extend myself because I had a responsibility to Raise my daughter.

Unfortunately, when my daughter was just an infant, I divorced my husband and became a single Mom. As the years flew by I got married again in 1995 and my husband and I moved from Palm Beach County, Florida to Waycross, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida to Spencer, North Carolina back to Georgia and then to Tennessee. Once we got to Tennessee I told my husband that if his work was going to move him again, he would just have to go and work wherever they wanted him to and come home on weekends because I wasn’t packing the house and moving again! We lived in Tennessee for 6 years we raised horses and Pit Bulls (show dogs). I fell in Love with the outdoor life style and knew that I had finally found my home. Unfortunately, again, my husband and I separated…

I sold my horses and my dogs and move back down to South Florida. After being here for a short while, getting a job and settling back in, I decided to start looking for an opportunity to set myself free from the 9 to 5 (actually 7am – 7pm) J.O.B. and find something that I was not only passionate about, but something that I would be able to help others with. I tried all different offline and online businesses that Promised the world with people that would tell you that they would “be there” for you and never were… Business after business failed… then before I knew it my baby girl turned 21….and…In October of 2011 my daughter blessed me with a very handsome Grandson, Derrick. 

I decided to forget about finding that Freedom opportunity, for now, and decided to continue to work helping my employer reap the rewards of my labor and all of my co-workers. My background is in bookkeeping. South Florida used to pay very well for my capabilities and then…. after the 2008 crash… wages crashed while prices went up… I am still currently working, but also pursuing my Dreams. Then, I had enough and was ready to start a new Chapter in my Life….

I have a Beautiful Family and strong Wonderful friends that Bless me each and every day.

The Greatest Gift I have ever received in my life was Salvation! God forgave me for all that I did, and I still sometimes do, in my life when He sent His Son, Jesus to die so that I, and all who receive Him, May Live Eternally! My Heavenly Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, The Trilogy are my Saving Grace and Hope for the future.  

I have decided, and Believe that I have finally found the Golden Ticket, to Financing My Life Long Dream. As of Today, I am on my way to fulfilling my Dream…. 

My Dream….. To open an Outreach Ranch for battered and abused children, sex trade victims, pregnant abandoned teenage girls and the homeless in the place I call home, Tennessee. Even though I’m not moving back today…… I know that My Dream is becoming reality…. That’s what My Freedom Looks Like….