America, Here’s what the EPA finds Acceptable for Drinking water….

The EPA sets the Standards which includes the Legal Limit of over 90 contaminants in our Drinking Water!!! Really?? Legal Limit??? Hmmm…. is that Safe??? From the EPA website: Overview EPA sets legal limits on over 90 contaminants in drinking water. The legal limit for a contaminant reflects the level that protects human health and that water […]

Augusta, Georgia….. What’s in Your Water????

So… interested in finding out what’s in your water???  Click Here to go to my source for this information… Here it goes Augusta, Georgia…… Water Treatment Plants The Augusta Utilities Department currently provides water and sewer to a service area of 230 square miles and a population of over 160,000. Our distribution system consists of […]

Athens-Clarke County, Georgia…… What’s in Your Water?

So, here we are now visiting the Athens-Clarke County, Georgia….  for my source for information: Click Here  Your Drinking Water from Source to Tap The water treatment process Steps: The raw water enters the treatment plant and chemicals are added. The water then flows into a “rapid mix” chamber, where the chemicals cause small particles […]

Valdosta, Georgia….. What’s in Your Water???

While researching Valdosta, Georgia’s water treatment, I found some interesting things…. Source #1     Click Here Source #2    Click Here VALDASTA A City Without Limits How is Your Water Treated The City of Valdosta Water Treatment Plant uses the latest available technology to provide safe and good tasting water for its customers.  Expansions of […]

Columbia County, Georgia…… What’s in Your Water????

So, Columbia County Georgia…. Do you think you have Good Drinking Water???? Click Here to learn where this information was obtained. The Jim Blanchard Water Treatment Plant: The Columbia County Water Treatment Plants provide water for approximately 95,000 Columbia County residents. There are two drinking water treatment facilities: The Jim Blanchard Water Treatment Plant andThe Clarks Hill […]

Miami-Dade County, Florida….. What’s in Your Water????

Welcome to the Miami-Dade County Water Treatment Plants! Click Here to see where I found the information below! Biscayne Aquifer The Biscayne Aquifer is located just below land surface in South Florida. It is made out of porous rock with tiny cracks and holes. Rain water then seeps in and fills these tiny cracks and holes. […]

Orange County, Florida…. What’s in Your Water ?

Welcome to Orange County Florida Water Treatment Plants! To see where I discovered the information below, Click Here. I have made all the additives to the water to make it drinkable Bold for your ease to find “What’s In Your Water!” Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant Location The Dyal Plant is located on State Road […]

Palm Beach County, Florida….. What’s in Your Water?

Here are what some of the Water Treatment Plants use in Palm Beach County. For your convenience I have made bold the Key treatments used to purify the water prior to it being sent to homes. These may also be found here.    Water Treatment Plant #2 Water Treatment Plant #2 is one of four […]