Valdosta, Georgia….. What’s in Your Water???

While researching Valdosta, Georgia’s water treatment, I found some interesting things….

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VALDASTA A City Without Limits

How is Your Water Treated

The City of Valdosta Water Treatment Plant uses the latest available technology to provide safe and good tasting water for its customers.  Expansions of the facility to 22.5 million gallons per day (MGD) and upgrading of all equipment was completed in 2007.  The treatment process includes:

  1. Air stripping towers to physically remove hydrogen sulfide;
  2. Ozone treatment to oxidize organics and sulfides and to provide primary disinfection;
  3. Chemical addition to stabilize the pH of the treated water;
  4. Phosphate addition to provide corrosion control;
  5. Sodium hypochlorite addition to provide final disinfection and provide a disinfection residual until the water is used by the customer;
  6. Treated water is stored on-site and pumped to the customer as needed.

Fluoride (ppm)                         Water additive that promotes strong teeth

Total Trihalomethanes        Byproduct of drinking water chlorination

Haloacetic Acids                     Byproduct of drinking water chlorination 

Free Chlorine                          Chemical added for disinfection

Some interesting info, wouldn’t you say Valdosta???? Do you realize what you are drinking?????

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